1. The hirer agrees not to use or permit the use of the vehicle for:


A – Transport of goods.

B – Paid passenger carriage or transportation.

C –  Taking part in any kind of sporting competition or non sporting purpose of private or public nature.

D – To tow a trailer.

E – In general, for any kind of inappropriate or unfit purposes.


The lessee is algo obliged to:


A – Provide a correct identification, address and personal data required to enter the lease (rental) agreement.

B – Respect the laws, regulations or ordinances that result from the application of the use and circulation of the vehicle.

C – Not to lend the vehicle to a third person, family member, employer and/or employee without the express and written authorization of the company that owns the vehicle.


The restrictions detailed in this clause are applicable and for joint understanding (interpretation), being the lessee responsible for any infraction, fine, penalty or damage derived from the breach of the above mentioned provisions.


  1. The car renter assumes all responsibility for any violation and/or non-compliance with traffic regulations committed during the term of the contract.


  1. IBIZA SUNLIGHT RENT CAR. S.L. will not be (held) responsible for any loss or damage of goods or equipment left on or stored inside the vehicle by the hirer or any other user of the vehicle during the term of the contract and after the end of it. The hirer waives IBIZA SUNLIGHT RENT CAR. S.L. from any claim of any matter related to said assets.


  1. In the event of pre-booking for a specific vehicle, IBIZA SUNLIGHT RENT CAR. S.L. will not be held responsible in case of not being able to deliver the vehicle object of the lease as a result of the latter being involved in an accident, in repair or any other cause of force majeure. In this particular case, the lessor undertakes to inform the lessee of the impossibility of delivering the chosen vehicle as soon as they learn of the problem. The hirer will then have the option to choose from the others vehicles available or to cancel the pre-booking with a refund (reimbursement), if applicable.


  1. The tenant will be responsible for any damage to the vehicle occurring during the term of the contract. If they keys are mislaid or left inside of the vehicle (locked inside the vehicle) the tenant must pay the sum (a fee) of 50€ to cover the travel expenses intended to deliver another set of keys or any other service that may be necessary.


  1. The rented vehicle is covered by a basic insurance policy that covers liability for third parties, obliging the lessee to comply with all the conditions of this contract and to notify the property immediately of any accident and/or incident involving the vehicle wether or not the responsibility of the accident lies in the lessee.


  1. For any dispute that may arise in relation to the interpretation and/or application of this contract, the parties designate the Courts and Tribunals of Ibiza waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.


  1. The leased vehicle is delivered with an insurance contract with basic coverage. You could find a copy of the insurance policy inside of the vehicle.


If the vehicle is used in any of the following cases you will lose the benefit of your insurance cover:


A – The vehicle is driven by a person who does not appear in the contract or when the contract is non-existent or incomplete.


B – The driver violates the traffic regulations.


C – The damaged inflicted to the vehicle was intentional or a result of the improper use of it.


D – The number of occupants in the vehicle exceeds the maximum allowed in data sheet of the vehicle.


E – The driver drives under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics or any other substances that may affect driving.


F – The vehicle is destined to freight of goods, remunerated passengers transport or any other activity that implies directly or not, the sublease of the vehicle.


In all these cases, the lessee will be held responsible for the damages suffered by the vehicle as a result of theft, accident, vandalism, the partial break of any vehicle part, wheel puncture, etc. The lessee will also be responsible for the days that the vehicle is unavailable due to repairs.


  1. Security Deposit or guarantee – At the time of signing the contract, the lessee must pay IBIZA SUNLIGHT CAR, S. L., in addition to the amount corresponding to the lease, an amount in the form of security deposit or guarantee which will be 1,200 € for vehicles and 400 € for motorcycles. Said amount will be used to cover additional expenses of any nature that the lessee may incur. IBIZA SUNLIGHT CAR S.L. may held the sum given as bail until such additional expenses have been covered or deducted from the above mentioned deposit.


In case of theft or total destruction of the delivered vehicle, the amount of the deposit delivered will be increased by 15%. This amount will be automatically withdrawn from the credit card provided at the time of booking.


If there are not additional expenses the leasing entity will be obliged to refund the full amount of security deposit at the end of the contract.


  1. RETURN OF THE VEHICLE- The leased vehicle must be returned in the date, time and to the place foreseen in the contract and in the same conditions in which it was delivered, with all the documents, keys, tires, tools and accessories.


If the vehicle was returned prior to the end of the contract this circumstance will not entitle any refund of residual amount.


If the tenant wish to extend the lease and keep the leased vehicle longer, he must obtain the written consent of IBIZA SUNLIGHT RENT CAR, S.L and must pay the corresponding amount for the extended time of the contract or accept said increase payment on the credit card originally used to pay the lease.


In no case can the security deposit amount be used to extend the lease period.


  1. FUEL- The vehicle is delivered with the fuel level stated in the contract. The lessee is obliged to refuel the vehicle with the appropriate type of fuel which will be indicated. Any expense or repair needed as a result of refueling with the inappropriate (wrong) type of fuel will be at the expense of the tenant.


The lessee is obliged to return the vehicle with the same leve of fuel as was in the vehicle when it was delivered. If the vehicle is returned with a lower level of fuel, the difference will be discounted from the security deposit taken. If it is returned with a higher level of fuel, the difference will not be refunded.


  1. EXTRAS- The lessee authorizes IBIZA SUNLIGHT RENT CAR S.L. to charge on the credit card provided all the costs and/or additional expenses that will be generated at the return of the vehicle in accordance with the terms of this contract.


  1. The renter can cancel the reservation, free of charge provided he communicate this at least 30 days before the date of collection of the vehicle. If the communication is made at a later date, the amount corresponding to the lease of the first day of the vehicle must be paid.



The lessee must leave the vehicle always lock when not in use; consequently if it is open and/or with the keys on, the vehicle may be removed by the property. In case of theft the lessee will lose the amount of the security deposit delivered at the signing of the contract plus an additional 15%.

The vehicle will also be removed if it is illegally parked or the lease has terminated.


In all these cases the contract will be considered terminated and all the money paid or deposited will be lost.


RETURN TERM-  Vehicles not returned on the agreed date and time must pay a surcharge of 20€ for each hour or fraction of delay -in case of cars- and 10€ per hour or fraction of delay in the case of motorcycles. If a vehicle is returned late and within that time the said vehicle suffers an accident that causes damage, the tenant will be obliged to pay the surcharge for the delay and also lose the amount of deposit given, regardless of the length of the delay.


ZONES OF USE- The lessee undertakes to not leave the islands of Ibiza and/or Formentera. In case of default, the insurance would be canceled and it will mean the loss of all the money paid as well as the cancellation of the contract.


FRANCHISE- In case of breakage or theft of any part of the leased vehicle, the customer must pay the amount to repair or replace the affected part, this amount will be a maximum of 400€ for mopeds and 1,200€ for cars.


PAYMENTS WITH CREDIT CARD- The Cardholder must be present at the time of the payment and proves that he is the owner of the card.




The lessor reserves the right not to deliver the vehicle if at the time of delivery he detects that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that renders him unable to drive. In that case, the lessor would return the money received from the reservation.


FINES- If Ibiza Sunlight Rent Car S.L. receives a fine (for driving, improper parking or any kind of infraction committed by the driver or any other users of the vehicle) during the term of the contract or at the end of it, the amount will be charged on the credit card provided at the time of the reservation.

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