Our Mini Moke

Fun, sexy, beautiful, nice, amusing, exciting, trendy, different, unique, authentic, timeless… A lot of adjectives can be used to describe this amazing car… After this, how you will be able to resist the charm of the Mini Moke?

You will find it very easy to adapt to this little car. Driving along the narrow, winding roads on the island at its wheel becomes child’s play and also an absolutely pleasure.

The Mini Moke has good road holding abilities like a truly little kart and the sound of the engine when you press the throttle is such a treat to listen to. In addition to being an absolutely pleasure to drive, you can be sure never to go unnoticed, at let’s not forget that you will be able to find a little parking spot anywhere even at peak season!

Alone, with your family, your friends or your special one, this car will not leave you indifferent. One of a kind, the Mini Moke will make it possible for you to appreciate every little detail of your journey.

By renting a car like the Mini Moke that we place at your disposal in Ibiza, you will be able to feel and experience every little thing in an entirely different way instead of driving a typical modern sanitized rental car without any kind of charm.

Imagine yourself for a moment…

Your hair flowing in the air like a modern Brigitte Bardot being able to appreciate all of the different scents depending on the season. Pine trees, rosemary, all types of plants and herbs and the smell of wet soil after the rain or the morning dew.

You will feel the sun’s heat in your skin and the warm air, sometimes cooler, blowing through your hair.

The people you will pass by will smile at you completely mesmerized. Your laughs, some of your debates, the different places you will visit, the wild landscapes, the evenings when the Mini Moke will take you to watch the stunning sunsets… So many stories and memories that you will carry with you after this stay in Ibiza. You will look back at some of them with a certain nostalgia, but also tremendously happy to have been able to enjoy such a different car for this very unique experience.

Our Mini Moke is excited to be driven around the island and sharing this adventure with you. It will be delivered to you at any place in the island for free. Being a convertible with a soft top it can be adjusted to your needs and desires so you can enjoy any moment all year round. And as security is a priority for us, the four seater Mini Moke is equipped with four seat belts.

Do you have any question about the Mini Moke or any other of our rental cars in Ibiza? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.



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